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The pretty, the plot and ...

the complicated

I have a new true love!

 photo home-background_zpsgd1wp23y.jpg

The TV Show "Versailles". Let me try and convince you to love it too despite me having no idea when it will come to your country. I found it on the interwebs.

Set up:
It's the year something or other and Louis the Fourteenth of France is 28 years old and still settling into his reign, because he was only very young when he became king and its probably taken him some time to shake off all the remnants of his Regency. His nobles are getting uppity, so he decides to extend his fathers hunting lodge at Versailles and drag the nobles kicking and screaming to him.

I encourage you to come inside this show!Collapse )

Summary of reasons to watch this show.

  • Historically based court plotting show ala the Tudors, the Borgias, White Queen etc
  • Attractive people acting out a well plotted plot, and acting it well! Seriously I was so drawn to so many of the portrayals here.
  • Complicated women.
  • Well rounded characters that might do bad things but you feel for them because they aren't unlikable.
  • A lot of fun strangely. There were so many moments I was just laughing out loud.
  • Also I like to imagine this as a sequel to the Musketeers so Louis XIV is actually the son of Aramis. Also Adult Mordred from Merlin is playing Phillipe so he could be a wizard!
  • Also it's only ten episodes, so seriously I marathoned this over a long weekend (along with also marathoning the first season of Girls!) It's not a huge commitment!

In conclusion. Go find out how you could watch this show (or when you could watch it)

I am so happy it's getting a season two!

And so are these two I think:

 photo tumblr_njdbooJxjp1s1wqago1_1280_zps2kpngwch.jpg

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Book Forty One Lost to the Ocean - Melanie Schertz

Last time: Caroline shot Louisa to death and Bingley suffered from PSTD and then Lizzy and Darcy got married.
Instead of head in a bucket I bring you people opening doors with much effort and force. Who does it better!

 photo tumblr_n0h4cf9Pel1tqyrsfo3_500_zpse9ef20a3.gif
 photo tumblr_mf4wekeeZG1qb3mkdo1_500_zpsac1caa83.gif

But now onto the review of the LAST PART.

Hurrah hurrah hurrahCollapse )


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Last time: Caroline almost gave her brother a handjob, killed a maid and then stabbed Darcy in the chest with some glass that was just lying about.

I did try to think of another encompassing gif/picture but I am sorry this really is it:

 photo tumblr_n3vg76lXzd1r3a98no3_500_zpsb403cad6.png
Covers all bases.

The reviewCollapse )


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Okay so this review will have to be in parts because dude....Katharine needs her $4 worth....and well lets just say it was cray cray then it got boring and then it got cray cray again. And I need to share.

This review is brought to you by this picture of Athos with his head in a bucket. I feel it summarizes accurately my general feeling.
 photo tumblr_n3vg76lXzd1r3a98no3_500_zpsb403cad6.png

As does this face which I believe was the face Athos made BEFORE putting his head in this bucket.

 photo tumblr_n3xu1ygTnL1skgww3o1_500_zps4a7558a2.png

The review of the first third (ish) of this bookCollapse )

Alright who is ready for round two?


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Of the internet variety.

We have two computers connected by a router.

Computer 1 is new - Vista, Pencillin stupid thing.
Computer 2 is sophy no change since installation
Router - had transformer changed not sure if it was reconfigured but even so we didn't have any problems directly after, but now we do. So I figure its computer one bought just before I left and suddenly they have been having connection problems.

The guy at our ISP said our signal is fine etc etc and that is probably is the router (after it being the signal before when they climbed up the pole but anyway).

And that the router might have a password on it when Bigpond uses no passwords to connect or something. Or that the firewalls might be reacting.

I turned off all firewalls on computer 1 but still happpening.

So how do I deal with the router. HOW!?

Oh and my "internet gateway" is disabled but when I press enable it "connects" but the thing still says disabled.

Any advice.

God I need sleep.

One good thing about moving to canberra new internet connection but what do I do until then!
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This Journal is on holiday from 23rd of August - 2nd of December.

If there is anything that must be communicated to me please leave a message here, I'm getting notifications.

However if its an emergency there are many ppl on my flist who have my mobile number.
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Shem's Guide to HeyerCollapse )
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Done some thinking and i've friends locked most of this journal.

No particular reason, no bitching behind it all, infact i'll probally forget to friends lock from here on in.

I just feel comfortable sharing my thoughts with my friends rather than well everyone. So you'll have to log in when you look at my journal ppl ;)

Or well if you are annoymously lurking about - get yourself a lj. (cannot think you would be lurking about but you never know)
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Cleo's PoA in 15 minutes
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This almost killed me: >sarahtales's take on Troy
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starwolvie pointed me to this...so i'd thought i'd point you guys to it as well.


Not as amsusing as the Van Helsing one, but still giggle....

Edit: I was wrong (directly from Ti15m): "ACHILLES: Cousin. He's my cousin. Cousin. Totally my cousin. In conclusion: Cousin."

Rolls around floor.

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I appear to have a live journal.


Thankyou so much dahlia_777 for the code.

Am having trouble finding an icon that expresses who i am....

So at the moment i'm Read more...Collapse ).

Will be back with something interesting.

Current Mood: complacent complacent
Current Music: Was Triple M.

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My Fiction

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Other Fiction

  • **click on the tags for this entry** Inc to get Xmas Challenge 2006. Too lazy to provide links atm.

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Georgette Heyer

Terry Pratchett

Harry Potter

  • Leaky Cauldron - For all thins Potter, just don't for the love of God speak ill of HP or JKR there.

  • Fiction Alley - For all your Harry Potter Fanfic needs...well not all I don't think Necrophilia James/Harry is on there.

Doctor Who!


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